PHYWE measure Software

Duration:1997 - 2009
Collaborators:Florian Weißel
Website: PHYWE Systeme

measure is a software suite for conducting science experiments in STEM classes at the highschool and university level. It was developed on behalf of PHYWE Systeme GmbH, Göttingen. measure comprises a user-friendly Windows software for visualizing and analyzing acquired data, as well as numerous plugins for different PHYWE instruments and experimental setups. The base software can be used free-of-charge, while the device plugins require a paid license. The supported devices range from generic handheld instruments for measuring various physical units, over the modular Cobra3 system for computer-assisted experiments, to highly specialized instruments such as the PHYWE X-Ray Unit and a device for the Frank-Hertz-Experiment.

measure provides a library of tools for processing and analyzing data, including peak and curve analysis, function fitting, channel modifications, Fourier transformations, linear regression, as well as many experiment-specific functions. Various options are available for configuring the data plots, and for importing, exporting, or printing the data.

In 2009, PHYWE continued the development of measure in-house. The software is still available today and used by many universities worldwide for laboratory courses.