LiveView Real-Time MRI

Duration:2010 - current
Technologies:C++, IDEA, MATLAB
Collaborators:Shuo Zhang, Jens Frahm, Thomas Benkert

LiveView is a real-time imaging technique for Siemens MRI systems that enables exploring physiological motion and function of organs in an ultrasound-alike fashion. Based on an interleaved radial acquisition of k-space, the sequence provides a continuous stream of images with a temporal resolution of up to 50 ms per frame.

When reconstructed on the scanner, a sliding-window gridding reconstruction with channel compression is performed to achieve near real-time image display with negligible latency. The slice position and orientation can be changed in the UI during the acquisition, allowing to interactively navigate through the patient. After the exam, the acquired data can be reprocessed with an iterative reconstruction scheme such as GRASP to achieve highest temporal fidelity without view-sharing.

Over the years, the technique has been used for various applications, including imaging of speech and singing, dynamic imaging of joint motion, real-time cardiac cine imaging, studies of swallowing and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, as well as to acquire ground-truth data for motion correction techniques.

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